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The Story of Gmeet

Gmeet, as an event, was founded in 2017 and quickly became a success. Gmeet’s founder, Sanna Thurdin, says that Gmeet aimed primarily to encourage women to dare to take up more space in this growing and fast-developing industry.


– “At the time, I was working with another event called Emeet. My task was to develop Emeet from one event to three events per year and in two new cities. During that period, it was not that many people who consciously thought of gender equality, for example when choosing panelists and keynote speaker. As I was a young woman myself, I saw it as a chance to impact the situation. I realized that the issue was not lack of competence. The challenge was rather to find women who actually are comfortable being in the center and “owning the stage”. So the idea was born, Gmeet. 



By creating a network for women – not because it primarily needs to be a statement of equality, but to give the opportunity for women to take up space in an environment that feels special and exclusive. It also felt completely unacceptable not to take the chance to be a part of shaping the conditions of the future when we actually have the chance to do so.”

We make E-commerce a better place for women

It is still quite frustrating that the number of start-ups is increasing enormously, but the proportion of start-ups driven by women is declining.  That is the kind of statistics Gmeet wants to understand and delve into. And then hopefully, change!

Gmeet The Fact

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publicly quoted companies are dominated by men. Source: SCB


of women in the EU are start-up entrepreneurs and 34,4% are self-employed although women make up 52 % of the total European population. Source: Herceo.com


The proportion of women that are on the board of public companies has grown from 23% to 24% this year. Source: SCB

Although women-owned firms represent 39 percent of all businesses, they’re responsible for only 8 percent of employment and 4 percent of revenues. Source: StartupNation.

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